Frank Black and The Catholics, The Complete Recordings

The Frank Black & The Catholics – The Complete Recordings – 7CD Limited Edition Box Set is now available from PledgeMusic.
In addition to the boxset, those who pre-order via PledgeMusic can also get exclusive merchandise and a limited number of signed artwork prints. To find out more follow this link:


An Update From Black Francis

Hi, all. I usually have my colleague Donny write these updates, but I thought I’d do this one all by myself. I’m sure glad I took typing in high school, because it does help to get this down at a very high speed (I believe I received an “A” grade in the class; I wasn’t Teenager Of The Year for no reason).

As some of you have received a complementary download with 3 demos and a live studio pic of Jeremy Dubs on the kit you will know that I have been doing some recording. My apologies for those who were not able to download the songs; we didn’t send out with a lot of concern for various file size limitations for people’s email servers. The next one we send out will be technologically slicker.

I’ve been doing some painting in the space, and while I’m waiting for paint to dry I’ve been tightening up the archive, moving items from cardboard boxes into storage material that should last several thousand years. Modern guilt compels me to re-purpose the cardboard scrap for pigment, which is mostly traditional 20th century acrylic, but I suppose one day I’ll learn to mix from raspberries, although I have been making good use of a hunk of red brick; a brick is red; ha ha. I have potentially found some interesting items, and perhaps we will put together a release of some archival material once we review them.

Grand Duchy has also officially begun to record again. We have been making audio files, but the boheme in us feels that the process ultimately will lead us into video art, just like marijuana leads to heroin, as Tom Waits once sang.

We have finally finished putting together the art and text and tracks for the Frank Black And The Cathoics complete recordings box set. Everything has been re-mastered from the original live to 2-track and 1-track recordings. The release contains well over a hundred songs. There will also be a bonus disc of “technical demos” that Ben Mumphrey (who engineered ALL of the mobile recordings) has found recently in his New Orleans recording archive. Look for release information from these people:,

-Black Francis

Black Francis News

Black Francis and Pixies will embark upon the last leg of their North American tour starting in San Diego, California on September 27th. In his time off from tour, Frank Black has been hanging out in Easthampton, Massachusetts recording studios Autumn Den and Sonelab, working on brand new material with local musician Jeremy Dubs (of Pixies’ “Bagboy”). You can catch the Pixies at the following dates/venues:

9.27 San Diego, CA @ Humphrey’s
9.28 Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Bowl
9.30 San Francisco, CA @ The Masonic
10.2 Boise, ID @ Revolution Center
10.3 Spokane, WA @ INB Performing Arts Center
10.5 Calgary, AB, Canada @ Macewan Hall
10.6 Edmonton, AB, Canada @ Shaw Conference Center
10.7 Saskatoon, SK, Canada @ TCU Place
10.9 Winnipeg, MB, Canada @ Burton Cummings Theatre
10.11 Minneapolis, MN @ State Theatre
10.12 Madison, WI @ Orpheum Theatre

For tickets, go to

Angst (Acoustic Demo)

Download a free and unheard Frank Black and the Catholics song. And watch this space…

Grand Duchy’s PETIT FOURS Original Mix by David J (Vinyl Release)

We spoke with Violet Clark and Black Francis a couple days ago, and they revealed that there is a special re-release of the spectacular Grand Duchy debut, Petit Fours, in the works. But this isn’t just a re-release. It’s the original mix of the album by David J, of Bauhaus/Love and Rockets fame. We’ll keep you informed as there is more progress made on this project, but expect a vinyl/digital release this November. 

What’s New with Jeremy Dubs?

Jeremy Dubs and his band Speak! are hard at work on their new album, “YOUniverse”. This will be the third album they have released on the Bureau, and Jeremy recently told us that Speak! was meant to be a trilogy all along. What started as a concept album of mostly Harry Nilsson covers grew into a whole new story unto itself. So, “YOUniverse” will be the final installment in the trilogy, featuring all new songs written by Jeremy. We are excited to hear the results. In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out the first two albums, Speak! and The Words, be sure to pick them up in our STORE for only 5 bucks each.


A Night At The Good Inn

JUNE 7th at the Historic British Library in London, tickets can be purchased HERE.

Pixies frontman Black Francis joins co-author Josh Frank and British artist Steven Appleby for an evening of film and literature. This unique event celebrates the publication of their new book The Good Inn, a bold and visually arresting novel about art, conflict and the pioneers of early cinema.

The evening includes the screening of two of the early classic French surrealist shorts that inspired the book: Buñuel’s masterpiece, Un Chien Andalou (1929), and Méliès’s ground-breaking A Trip to the Moon (1902) featuring a new score by French musical duo Air. This is followed by an on-stage discussion with Black Francis, Josh Frank and Steven Appleby, chaired by David Quantick.


Bunnies in Boston This Sunday, 3/30


Bunnies are performing with Guerilla Toss, Dead Rider, and Horsehands this Sunday, March 30 @ the Middlesex Lounge located @
315 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139. For more info, go to the facebook event at:

Book Launch of The Good Inn


37 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Tickets are $10 and are available HERE.

The debut novel from the frontman of the Pixies involves a French battleship explosion, the first narrative pornographic movie, and more. The conversation between Francis and co-author Josh Frank will be accompanied by a slideshow of Steven Appleby’s drawings featured in the book, and the program will conclude with a signing.



Created in the explosive space between the surreal and the concrete, The Good Inn follows Solder Boy—the lone survivor of the explosion of the battleship Iéna—as he wanders aimlessly after the accident, falls deeply for an innkeeper’s daughter, and even more deeply into a bizarre, alternate universe he discovers through a hole in his bedroom wall.

The world he finds exists at the intersection of art and violence, and introduces readers to the very real (and surreal) characters who created the first narrative pornographic film. The Good Inn weaves together real characters from the history of French cinema with darkly whimsical illustrations by Steven Appleby and recreates the lost story of La Bonne Auberge, as seen through the eyes of a shell-shocked soldier.

Through Soldier Boy’s journey as the subject and star of the world’s first stag film, we explore the power of memory, the simultaneously destructive and healing power of light and how the early pioneers of these stag films helped shape their industry for generations to come.

Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, film and prose, reality and surreality, The Good Inn bends readers’ minds and holds its own against the best surrealists—from Lynch to Dali to Serling. It is sure to challenge our conceptions of history, highbrow and lowbrow and how we consume art in all its forms.

The book will cost $23.99 at the event.

- See more at:

The Good Inn: A Novel By Black Francis and Josh Frank



Coming out April 15, 2014: From legendary Pixies front man, Black Francis, comes a bold and visually arresting illustrated novel about art, conflict, and the origins of a certain type of cinema.

In 1907, the French battleship Iéna was destroyed when munitions it was carrying exploded, killing 120 people. A nitrocellulose-based weapon propellant had become unstable with age and self-ignited.

In 1908, La Bonne Auberge became the earliest known pornographic film. It depicted a sexual encounter between a French soldier and an innkeeper’s daughter. Like all films at the time, and for decades afterward, it was made with a highly combustible nitrocellulose-based film stock.

Loosely based on these historical events, The Good Inn follows the lone survivor of the Iéna explosion as he makes his way through the French countryside, falls deeply in love with an innkeeper’s daughter, and even more deeply into a strange counter universe. It is a volatile world where war and art exist side by side. It is also the very real story of the people who made the first narrative pornographic film. The novel weaves together real historical facts to recreate this lost piece of history, as seen through the eyes of a shell-shocked soldier who finds himself the subject and star of the world’s first stag film. Through Soldier Boy’s journey we explore the power of memory, the simultaneously destructive and healing power of light, and how the early pioneers of stag films helped shape the film industry for generations to come. (From Harper Collins Publishers)