An Update From Black Francis

Hi, all. I usually have my colleague Donny write these updates, but I thought I’d do this one all by myself. I’m sure glad I took typing in high school, because it does help to get this down at a very high speed (I believe I received an “A” grade in the class; I wasn’t Teenager Of The Year for no reason).

As some of you have received a complementary download with 3 demos and a live studio pic of Jeremy Dubs on the kit you will know that I have been doing some recording. My apologies for those who were not able to download the songs; we didn’t send out with a lot of concern for various file size limitations for people’s email servers. The next one we send out will be technologically slicker.

I’ve been doing some painting in the space, and while I’m waiting for paint to dry I’ve been tightening up the archive, moving items from cardboard boxes into storage material that should last several thousand years. Modern guilt compels me to re-purpose the cardboard scrap for pigment, which is mostly traditional 20th century acrylic, but I suppose one day I’ll learn to mix from raspberries, although I have been making good use of a hunk of red brick; a brick is red; ha ha. I have potentially found some interesting items, and perhaps we will put together a release of some archival material once we review them.

Grand Duchy has also officially begun to record again. We have been making audio files, but the boheme in us feels that the process ultimately will lead us into video art, just like marijuana leads to heroin, as Tom Waits once sang.

We have finally finished putting together the art and text and tracks for the Frank Black And The Cathoics complete recordings box set. Everything has been re-mastered from the original live to 2-track and 1-track recordings. The release contains well over a hundred songs. There will also be a bonus disc of “technical demos” that Ben Mumphrey (who engineered ALL of the mobile recordings) has found recently in his New Orleans recording archive. Look for release information from these people:,

-Black Francis