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An Update From Black Francis

Hi, all. I usually have my colleague Donny write these updates, but I thought I'd do this one all by myself. I'm sure glad I took typing in high school, because it does help to get this down at a very high speed (I believe I received an "A" grade in the class; I wasn't Teenager Of The Year for no … [Read More...]

Black Francis News

Black Francis and Pixies will embark upon the last leg of their North American tour starting in San Diego, California on September 27th. In his time off from tour, Frank Black has been hanging out in Easthampton, Massachusetts recording studios Autumn Den and Sonelab, working on brand new material … [Read More...]

Angst (Acoustic Demo)

Download a free and unheard Frank Black and the Catholics song. And watch this space... … [Read More...]

Grand Duchy’s PETIT FOURS Original Mix by David J (Vinyl Release)

We spoke with Violet Clark and Black Francis a couple days ago, and they revealed that there is a special re-release of the spectacular Grand Duchy debut, Petit Fours, in the works. But this isn't just a re-release. It's the original mix of the album by David J, of Bauhaus/Love and Rockets fame. … [Read More...]

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